Learning in French

This Wednesday morning, our students immersed themselves in subjects from Mathematics to Spanish, all in the French language and alongside their French peers. At times called upon to offer perspectives and/or comparisons based on their experiences at Porter’s, our students were given the opportunity to participate in an academic day at the Lycée Saint Martin.

Following classes, our students dispersed to join their hosts in a number of activities.

Several were invited to a much anticipated event about which we have been hearing nearly all week: a visit to “McDo” or McDonald’s — which, in France, serves macarons. Below, Porter’s students (from second on the left to second on the right) Lyrik Garyk, Nancy Zhou, and Katherine Bishop (’18) enjoy a meal with their hosts.



Others visited cultural sites, or even left the city for a short day trip. Below, Maya Butensky (’18) captures a beautiful view at Dinard:



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