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A Weekend in the North of France

After classes today, students headed off with hosts for a second and final weekend in Rennes. Tentative plans include shopping at the Saturday food market (the second largest in the country), attending sporting events, and relaxing with the famille. Some may even have the chance to visit Normandy where Allied forces landed during World War II.

Most importantly though, the weekend affords us the opportunity to further reflect on our cultural immersion at Lycée Saint-Martin and in Brittany. Viola Corning (’18) recorded her thoughts this evening:


Our Last Day at School

Our last day at Lycée Saint-Martin was marked by blue skies and a full day of classes. Students were treated to lessons in Biology, Philosophy, Theater, Computing, and Maths, taught by Saint-Martin teachers.

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Lycée Saint-Martin faculty member Mme. Seppey helps students understand the tradition of philosophy in French high schools.


Shushu Fang, Nancy Zhou, Paige Madigan and Lyrik Garyk (’18) enjoy classes.

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Pictured left to right are Gaelen Carroll, Lillian Parrotta, and Maya Butensky (’18) with Maddie Duchesneau (back left) and Carmela Daponte-Smith (back right) during an acting exercise.

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