Daily Archives: January 16, 2017

Group arrives in Paris

The group arrived via train in Paris this morning and they were met by Porter’s faculty member and Director of Inclusion and Equity, Susan Martell. Susan is joining the class to help facilitate  the theme of the group’s work in Paris around the complexities of race and identity in France currently.


Paris – Here We Come!

Early this morning, Porter’s students and faculty gathered at the train station in Rennes to bid our hosts adieu. Lycée Saint-Martin faculty members M. Février, Mme. Thomas, and Mme. Bodin guided our group aboard the high speed train (le TGV) and waved goodbye as we departed the station.

At left, Maddy Tamms (’18), pictured with her host sister.


Students will devote some of the two-hour ride to journaling about the impact Rennes has had on us.

Macy Reid (’18) reflects on the previous week.


We plan to arrive in Paris for lunch, so look forward to tonight’s post on our first afternoon in La Ville Lumière.