New City, New Friends

Porter’s students have been walking, boating, busing, and traveling around France’s capital city these past few days, absorbing as much of the Ville Lumière as our short visit will allow.

Today, artists and community organizers (as well as siblings!) Nicolas and Louise Harlet brought to light for us the complicated landscape of contemporary Paris. They guided us through topics including community art, immigration, Nuit Debout, and environmentalism, introducing us to grassroots efforts dedicated to building a more progressive France.



The morning conversation with Louise and Nicolas was generously hosted by Trinity in Paris Director Francie Plough Seder (pictured at center), who happens to be the sister of Porter’s faculty Carol Plough.


Our final walking tour, organized by Nicolas and Louise, began in the Stalingrad neighborhood of Paris, continued along the Seine, and ended at the Place de la République.






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