Day 1: Tour of Historic Rennes

Each day, 2-3 students will share an aspect of their time in Rennes with you. Today we will hear from Mary C., Dani. Z, and Carlyn K.

Mary and Dani share:

After our first night with our host families, we arrived at the Lycée for our first meeting as a class. After sharing some stories about out experiences during the night, we came to the conclusion that the French eat really big dinners. We all had a really nice time with our host families and enjoyed getting to know them. We then met with the principal of the Lycée and had hot chocolate and croissants. Afterwards, Monsieur Février, the teacher who is in charge of exchange programs, came to our class to explain some of the rules of the Lycée, as well as review french vocabulary about houses. After our lesson in the morning, we went to lunch. For lunch we had to wait in a line that went outside of the cafeteria in order to get our food. While we were walking over to it, the entire line of people stared at us.

Buildings in Old Rennes

Lunch was very different from lunch at Porter’s because there weren’t many options and you could only have a certain amount of each thing. After getting our food we were all a bit nervous when we realized that we would have to split up and eat with french students that we hadn’t met before. Our nerves calmed once we sat down and the students started to talk to us. When we were finished with lunch we went outside where we talked with our host sisters and other students. It was really funny because the large crowd of french students listened really intently to everything we said.

Group Picture in Old Rennes!

Carlyn shares:

This afternoon we took a tour of the Ville de Rennes. It was a chance for us girls to gain historical background to the place we’d call home for the next two weeks. It was a great commencement to our trip. A little jet lagged, but determined, we were able to see a good portion of this beautiful city. We even got to do a little bit of shopping before returning to our host sisters. This was a great first day and there are many more to come. Au revoir et bonsoir!

Carlyn’s taking it all in!

Carlyn’s street view


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  1. Kathy Gambacini

    Good photographs! This last one and others of the older buildings and walkways remind me of Harry Potter films. 🙂


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