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Day 2: Wednesday’s Are Half Days!

Each day, students will share some aspect of their experience in France. Earlier, we heard from Lydia G. and Roanna Z. Below, you’ll hear from Annabel H and Chloe G.

Annabel shares:

After we finished the tour of the Lycée and our host sisters were finished with classes, many of us went with them to their sport. My host sister, Mathilde, rides horses. Because I also ride horses, I was very interested to see how french equitation compared and contrasted to what I grew up with in the US.

As I watched the lesson, I was confused at first because I am not familiar with many of the french words for horse-related things. However, as the lesson went on, I found that I was able to infer meaning based on my own experience. By the end of the lesson, I was able to see how similar it is to what I was been taught. It was a really fascinating experience to watch something I knew translate across culture and language but remain familiar.

Chloe shares:

Wednesday is a half day for the students at Lycée, and my host sister took me to the stores here. Luckily, today is the first day for the January promotion, and almost everything is on sale!

We also toured the school with Monsieur Février and learned that unlike us, each class consists of about 30 students. Their school is huge, and sometimes people don’t know each other’s names.

It is beautiful to walk among the streets in Rennes.

Day 2: Tour of Lycée Saint Martin

Today, students spent the morning with Monsieur Février learning about the history of the Lycée and better understanding what a day in the life of a student here looks like. Here is Lydia G. and Roanna Z.’s summary of the tour:

We’ve spent lots of time talking about the differences we’ve seen between the Lycée and Porter’s. Student have also engaged in conversation where they talk about the cultural difference that they’ve observed. There is lots to explore and lots to think about.

Sunrise in Rennes

As Lydia and Roanna shared, tomorrow they will participate in a full immersion day. They will attend four classes from 8am to 12pm and shadow a new French buddy. They will be the only Porter’s student in the classes they’ll visit so they will be fully immersed in either French, math, English, Spanish, geography, history, or PE classes for the morning. It should be a great day!