Ready for the weekend

It is finally the weekend! After a very full first week, students now get to spend some quality down time with families. Each day this weekend, students will share some aspect of their experience in France. Today, we will first hear from Selina C. Later today we will hear from Lilli A. and Gabby A.

Selina shares:

As an American exchange student with a chinese background in Rennes, it has been a fascinating experience for me to navigate between the three very distinct cultures. On Thursday, we went to classes with the French students for the first time. I was amazed to find that there were a lot more similarities between the French school system and the system back in Taiwan and that the dynamic in a classroom at Lycée Saint Martin is really different than a class at Porter’s. At Porter’s, we are encouraged to learn through questioning and critical analysis, whereas at Lycée Saint Martin, classes are more exams-oriented like schools in Taiwan. It is so interesting to compare and contrast the French culture that I am newly exposed to with the two cultures that I am from.


I will be spending my first weekend in Rennes with my host family. On Saturday morning, my host sister has invited me to go with her to an event similar to our college fair, where she will get to know more about the schools she is interested in and the various opportunities that are offered. She told me that in a month, they would have to decide which field out of the three, literature, science, and economics, they want to specialize in. This is also similar to high schools in Taiwan, where in the second year of high school, everyone decides whether they will study in the field of liberal arts or field of science. On Sunday, I will be having a family dinner with my host sister’s cousins and her grandparents. I was told that they only come to Rennes once a year for this reunion, so I feel very lucky to be able to attend this occasion with them!


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