What are we up to this weekend?

Our group is doing some pretty great things today! I asked students to share what they were up to and here are some texts I got:

“I’ll be watching my host sister’s orchestra concert and then we’re gonna go out to lunch, and later visit the planetarium together.”

“Spending time with my host sister’s family and going to Saint-Malo.”

‘We’re having lunch in the Ville today, and tomorrow going to Saint-Malo.”

“We’re going to the museum and the park today, and tomorrow we will go to Saint-Malo”

“I played badminton today, and tomorrow we will be going to St-Malo aussi!”

“I’m eating some amazing specialties this weekend (I made a galette!) ”

“I am at the Republique with m host family, and we just had galette, too! We are doing some shopping next.”

“We went to the planetarium and the Museum de Bretagne, and probably le ciné”

“I’m having dinner with my host’s friends and we are going to the shore tomorrow. My host sister took me to a graveyard for photography class today!”


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