Daily Archives: January 15, 2018

Another day of classes and a visit to the Palais du Parlement

It’s hard to believe we’re already starting our second week in France! This morning, students reported to the Lycée for their second morning of class observations. The MPS students shadowed a number of different French students, who are in the “rose” and “azur” groups. The different groups determine the start time for the day and the order of classes. Some students began at 8am while others started the day at 9am. They have enjoyed observing and engaging with the Lycée’s students. After class, many ate lunch “à la cantine” while others went down to the Ville to grab a bite to eat — they’re practically pros at navigating the system now! They will have their last full-immersion day on Wednesday where they will return to their classes and continue to engage with their new peers and teachers.

Not even rain can stop us from learning!

After lunch, we visited Le Palais du Parlement de Bretagne, Rennes’ Parliament building, guided by a lovely young woman. We toured several beautifully adorned rooms, including the waiting room, the interior courtyard, and the Grand Chamber. We learned of three important dates in Rennes and Bretagne history: 1532, the year La Bretagne joined France, 1720, the year Rennes experiences “Le Grand Feu” where much of the historic city was burned down, and 1994, the year a fire destroyed the Parliament building. The building was renovated after the 1994 fire, so many of the rooms have been restored and maintain a beautiful appearance. During the visit, we continued to learn about both the symbols of France and Brittany and of the rich history they share.

Another successful day!

Breton Dancing and Crêpe Making

Last Friday, students spent the afternoon learning about the rich Breton culture. First, they took a Breton dance class where they worked up a sweat and learned some classic Breton moves and got to have wonderful conversations with a local dance association. After their workout, the students were hungry and ready to eat some crêpes! We had the privilege of having Mme Février, M. Février’s wife, come and teach us how to make crêpes. Topping included raspberry jam, caramel, sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon.  Delicious!

Here is a video that Jenny W. made from that day: