Au revoir, Rennes. Bonjour, Paris!

Today we took an early morning TGV from Rennes to Paris. We said goodbye to new friends and a place we had started to call home. There were lots of emotions, and some tears, as we left our new friends and started our next adventure.


After our very quick TGV from Rennes to Paris, we arrived in Gare Montparnasse and began the journey to our hotel. We successfully navigated the bus and arrived with our sixteen large and heavy suitcases to our hotel. Success!

Students had a working lunch where they got to go into the local neighborhood and eat in groups but also had to plan their exploration day for Saturday. After lunch, we continued as a group to the Louvre where we got to spend some time seeing just a few of the many wonderful pieces of art that are available there. Our next stop was the Bateaux Mouches where we took a tour on the Seine and got to see the Eiffel tour light up at night- a must see for anyone in Paris!

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