Bonjour de Rennes!!

We are up and moving on our first full day! MPS students gathered this morning at 8am for M Février’s introduction to the school and explanation of rules and expectations. This gathering was followed by a croissant breakfast and welcome from the school’s Vice Principal. He explained how pleased Lycée Saint Martin is to receive students from an American school and reminded the girls how lucky they are to have a wonderful opportunity like this one!

M Février took the students on a guided tour of the school. There are three main buildings: a gym, a cafeteria and a chapel. The school was actually founded as an all boys religious school in the 1820s but became co-ed in the 1960s. Today, there are around 1,400 students and 100 teachers here. We had an interesting discussion about the similarities and differences between the two schools. Some of our students think that they prefer MPS, but others expressed interest in trying out the French school system! Tomorrow, they will have their first class immersion day, so they should get a better sense of what a French class looks like.

Everyone gathered in our base room!

Croissant breakfast!

Enjoying les croissants!

Batiment A at the lycée



M Février showing us a French dorm room!

We just finished up lunch at the school cafeteria and are heading out for a walking tour of Rennes!

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