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Day 2 at the Lycée

Today, MPS students enjoyed a morning full of immersion classes! Students broke off into groups to observe and participate in a variety of classes at the lycée. They attended math, history, English, and French classes during the first two blocks of the day. During the third block, they all joined together to attend an English literature class. The students had an assignment of writing a Gothic style story, including particular elements and character descriptions. MPS students were able to help them with grammar, vocabulary, and creative ideas! To round out the morning, the group spent some time with M Février preparing for our trip to Paris tomorrow.

Literature class!

Like at MPS, Wednesdays are half days, so the students participated in a variety of activities with each other and their host sisters. Keep reading to learn what our students were up to!

Joi: Today started off by observing some actual classes. Darian and I visited the History of Geography, French, and English. We learned the rules of Lycée Saint- Martin yesterday (no drinking, eating, or using your phone in class), yet I was a bit surprised when I actually saw them being respected. The differences between schools in America and France are small but very impactful on the students’ performance. Since Wednesday’s are half days, my host student and I had lunch at home. Like all of the meals so far, it was delicious. However, my favorite was tonight’s dinner. We ate Galettes and for dessert, Crêpes, and it was very delicious. Galettes are similar to crêpes but unsweetened and with ham, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. They are a specialty of Brittany, the region of France where Rennes is located. My host family (and all of the people of Rennes) that I’ve met so far are very proud of this dish. They truly enjoy sharing their culture with others. My favorite part of the day is after dinner, when my entire host family gathers to watch French tv. Although it is usually a little hard for me to understand, my host parents are happy to explain the jokes, news, and whatever other entertainment is on at the time. They also love to ask me questions comparing my American culture to theirs. It ends up being a very interesting and pretty funny conversation. I feel very welcomed here, and I can’t wait to learn more.

TaniaToday was our first day of classes at Lycée Saint Martin. We divided ourselves into groups of two, and went to different classes. Susan and I started with French class, where students analyzed the play “Romeo and Juliet”. I noticed how the teacher took notes on a word document projected on the board, which students would then copy on their notebooks. The class felt very teacher-led and not student-led like Porter’s. Susan and I then went to Geography class. Finally, the whole France Intermission group met up again at English class, where we helped students write a story based on various gothic novels they had been reading. School on Wednesdays finishes at 12:00 p.m. After school, I had lunch and shopped in town with Susan, Zoe, and our host students. Sales started today, so we had lots of fun!

Zoe: Today I was able to attend three classes at Lycée Saint Martin; Math, English (language), and English Literature. It was very interesting to see the difference between the style of classes as opposed to Miss Porter’s and how the students were mostly independent and the teacher taught them lecture-style. After the classes the IM France group and M. Fevrier discussed our upcoming trip to Paris! We learned which landmarks we would visit as well as the proper etiquette for both the city and the trip over (In France commuters are mostly silent on trains and metros). Since Wednesday is a half day just like Porter’s, we had the rest of the day to spend time with our host students. My host student, Juliette, and I went to lunch with Tania and Susan and afterwards did a bit of shopping. I decided to buy a new sweater and a large scarf because all of the students at the Lycée and other people in Rennes dress very well so I wanted to have a few other nice clothes. Overall our first day of classes was engaging and delightful.

Tanya: Today was our first day of class immersions. I visited 2 English classes and History class. In the first English class the teacher and some of the students asked us questions about ourselves and America the whole time. The second English class we helped people write their papers. Since Wednesday is a half day I am able to now spend the rest of the day with my host sister and her meet her grandma later.


Bonne nuit, la belle Rennes! Et demain, on va à Paris!