Daily Archives: January 11, 2019

Day 4: Lycée Saint Martin

MPS students attended two English classes this morning with Mme Rhioui. They engaged in discussions with french students about the pros and cons of CCTV’s in both high schools and big cities. They thought of many wonderful ideas and were able to help the French students expand their vocabulary and prepare for their upcoming written exam.

Afterwards, the students had a visit from Mme David, a retired English teacher and longtime friend of the Lycée. We had a very interesting discussion about women in France and women in the US. She told us about her life, including many exchange trips she organized with a group in Minnesota and her work in France.

We are sending out lots of love (picture above from Paris) but now from back in Rennes! The students will have a busy weekend with their host families. Check back soon to see what they are up to and to read some of their reflections from the trip so far.