The Best Weekend!

We can’t believe how quickly the weekend has passed, but check out what the other half of our group has been up to!  Lots of new adventures, cuisine, and fun!!

Laura Joelle: Today my host family and I visited Leonardo da Vinci’s place of death and a castle on the Loire river close to Tours. Both places were very pretty, but it was cold and windy during both tours, which partly took place outside. I first went to see Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise, which was Leonardo de Vinci’s house in which he died. The tour and house (more of a castle) were very interesting, my favorite part being all the models of da Vinci’s designs or inventions, including wings for flight, a contraption resembling a parachute, a paddleboat-like machine, and a basic version of a car. Next, we had lunch at a café/pastry shop, and I ate a quiche lorraine, one of the many staple foods of France. After lunch, we went to the Château Royal d’Amboise — the royal castle of Amboise in the near vicinity of da Vinci’s last house. My favorite parts of this castle were seeing da  Vinci’s resting place in a Gothic church and the scenic view from the balcony and roof of the castle. At last, we made our way back to Rennes, which was about a two and a half hour drive.

part of daVinci’s workshop  daVinci’s grave

the royal castle

view from the castle

Joi: Yesterday evening I sadly said goodbye to my first host family and hello to my second, so Sunday has been a calm yet exciting day for me. It started off with a small brunch with my host sister Lilou and her little brother Noam. Then, Noam and I watched Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone. The audio was in French and the subtitles were in English. It had a been a while since I’ve last seen the film, so I only vaguely remembered the plot. This actually worked out great because when I came across a word in French I didn’t know it was easier to identify it with knowledge about the movie  I already had alongside the English subtitles. My host mother insists that whenever we all watch tv together, it must have French audio and English subtitles because this method helped her a lot when she studied abroad for a year. Initially, I was a little nervous about changing host families. I was going to miss cooking new dishes with my first host sister Juliette and playing board games with her little sister Alise. However, my new host family has welcomed me with open arms, and I feel right at home. I am learning so many new vocabulary words and expressions everywhere I go. Whether we are playing monopoly, watching Lilou’s basketball game, or just eating dinner we always find a way to compare our languages and cultures and share them with one another. I am looking forward to the week ahead!

Kami: Today was super interesting!! I’m really starting to fall in love with France. Today, after I woke up late, I got dressed and played cards with my host student’s little sister. We were interrupted by Darian’s host student who came to take me to St. Malo with her and her mom. We stopped in Dinan, a small city where we took tons of vids and pictures and then to St Malo, which was super windy but also super beautiful. It was nice to be with another Porter’s student and really get to experience France, something I’ve been really wanting to do. We saw a fortress from the Second World War, ate galettes and learned tons about the history of Bretagne. It is truly a wonderful experience to be here. We even taught Darian’s host mom about Post Malone, Ella Mai, and Billie Eilish… all while learning new French vocab!

Kami & Darian!

Tania: I had a very fun weekend with my host family. On Saturday we went on a little road trip along the coast of Bretagne. On Sunday my host sister had a basketball game, so I went and cheered on her. The game was at a place 2 hours away from Rennes, so it took up a big part of the day. At night, we went to my host family’s weekly family dinner. Here, I met all of my host student’s family members on her mother’s side. She has a lot of cute little cousins. We ate a lot of great food. I even tried new cheese from Bretagne and the “Galette du Roi”.

Tania and her host sister!

yummy snacks!


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