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The first day of school at Lycée Saint Martin is off to a great start!

After settling into their homestays last night and getting a great night’s rest, students traveled to school with their host students. They had a lovely breakfast with the Principal of Lycée Saint Martin and other faculty members, lunch with new friends in the school cafeteria and are now out exploring Rennes by foot with Monsieur Fevrier, Director of International Relations at the Lycée.

Students with Monsieur Fevrier and the Principal after breakfast

The Principal of Lycée Saint Martin welcomes our students to the school.

Students reflect on their first day and night in Rennes with Monsieur Fevrier, Martha and Susan.

Resting at Lycée Saint Martin and waiting to meet host students and families

The group travelled by local bus from the Rennes airport to Lycée Saint Martin, where they are currently having a snack and waiting to meet their host students and families. Susan Martell Jenkin reports that everyone is tired as it has been a long couple of travel days and they are looking forward to heading to their “homes” to have a good meal and sleep tonight.

Welcome to the Lycée Saint Martin – Porter’s goes to France Blog!

We are getting excited for this 11th grade InterMission class to begin their incredible journey to  Lycée Saint Martin in Rennes, France!

You can expect to receive updates twice daily on this blog. Please keep in mind that the time in France will be 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time so the postings may not happen on a schedule that makes sense in your time zone. This blog is the place to find pictures, videos and reflections from students and faculty on the trip, as well as to receive daily updates about the group’s activities and experiences. We are asking our faculty trip leaders to post all materials so that students can be present for every moment and so that they will not worry about posting to the blog in a timely manner.

We also strongly encourage you to keep your contact with your daughter to a minimum during her experience in Rennes, which will allow her to fully immerse herself in the life and community of the school. Emailing periodically is a great way to touch base with her without disrupting her engagement in school and other activities. We strongly discourage texting and phone calls for the duration of this cultural immersion.

It is going to be a FANTASTIC experience for all and we look forward to sharing it with you on this blog.

Group arrives in Paris

The group arrived via train in Paris this morning and they were met by Porter’s faculty member and Director of Inclusion and Equity, Susan Martell. Susan is joining the class to help facilitate  the theme of the group’s work in Paris around the complexities of race and identity in France currently.


Porter’s group arrives in Paris

The group arrived in Charles de Gaulles International airport in Paris at 4:00 AM EST, which was 10:00 AM local time. They have been eating and shopping as they wait to board their next flight to Rennes at 12:30pm local time (or 6:30 am EST). Faculty Trip Leader, Rebecca Plona, reports that all are extremely excited to finally arrive in Rennes and to meet their host families soon!