Together in Tokyo!

We’ve arrived!

Most of us (except Tina!) left Farmington early this morning. We boarded a bus with our awesome driver, Peter, and headed to JFK. Even though each of us thought we were the only cold ones and we all ended up with frozen feet by the time we arrived, Peter whisked us off to the terminal without any delays.

AND WE ARE OFF!!! We are feeling good and are so excited for what the journey will bring!!! #tokyo

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We checked in our luggage, printed our boarding passes, and then found breakfast. We walked through the terminal to keep our blood pumping before the 14 hour flight. We watched as the snowflakes fell over the tarmac and the planes, covering the entire sky in white. We bought magazines, headphones, coffee, and some last minute snacks.

And then, we waited. Our boarding time was slightly delayed, but we were together. Luckily, Japan Airlines booked us all in a block at the back of the plane, so once we boarded, everything was familiar and we started to get comfortable. But it kept snowing. And snowing.

Eventually, the plane was de-iced and we took off! Fourteen hours is a long way to fly – it takes you over the Canadian Plains and Rockies, over Alaska, and down across the eastern border of Asia. We watched movies, read books, dozed, and experienced turbulence. There were even face masks!

We went pretty quickly through customs, picked up our bags, and reunited with Tina!! We missed her this week in Farmington and we were pretty jealous of her short flying time.

And we met Jun Saito, our wonderful guide and friend, the Head of International Relations at The Kichijo School. He took that awesome picture at the top of this post! We’ll share pictures of our host sisters and the first meeting in the next post, so stay tuned!

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