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Holiday Fun

Today’s holiday started off a little rough and ended up wonderful, just like many holidays!

We started the morning on our group chat airing out our worries about morning impressions and using the toilets/showers, wondering what would be for breakfast, and generally working on getting out of bed (a struggle sometimes, even in Farmington!).

But, we helped each other through it — and the day was off! We had big breakfasts with all kinds of yummy stuff (and even some foods from home like french fries!). We heard all about the plans for the day.

Annie and her host sister took a selfie to start the day right!

Annie and her host sister took a selfie to start the day right!

Annie met up with Chrome and their host sisters at an anime museum!

The Kichijo girls took on another team out in the suburbs, showing their dedication by playing on a holiday! It was a tough fought game and Mari was there to cheer them on.

Charlotte M's selfie with one of the cats at the cafe was mostly a cat-fie.

Charlotte M’s selfie with one of the cats at the cafe was mostly a cat-fie.

Charlotte M. caught up to some of the snuggliest cats in town – literally! She visited a cat cafe and went to Shibuya crossing.

Maggie and Lily shared some ramen with their host sisters, a perfect treat for chilly day. Always nice to see a familiar face in a new city! They also visited a Buddhist temple in the city.

Charlotte found a photo booth!! #purikura #mpsintermission #portersinjapan #missporters

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Charlotte B. found a purikura booth with her host sister! Glamour shots were taken and enjoyed!

Georgie’s family went out for a green treat — ice cream, flavored with matcha!

Jillian took in a little regional history with her host sister!

Bet you'd never expect to see Lady Liberty in Tokyo! #portersinjapan #missporters #mpsintermission #porters

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Mrs. Doemland shared in the last post that her host parents were off to a friend’s wedding. So she spent the day with her host grandparents, listening to Dean Martin and taking in a harbor cruise!

Merch just found the perfect Mister! #portersinjapan #mpsintermission #missporters #porters #misterdonut

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Merch took in a little sweet treat before learning all about the different lines of the train system and going to Meiji-jingu, or the Meiji Shrine, dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

Dinner was equally exciting as the very full day. Elizabeth had KFC for dinner, while other families made home cooked meals.

We’re looking forward to seeing each other in the morning at school!

Tokyo Today

My host sister’s grandparents took me all over the city today. We traveled by subway, on foot, in a cab, then a car, then a boat all around Tokyo. What a huge and incredible city! In many ways it feels like other big cities, but there is an order and organization that seems unique to this culture. The kindness and generosity of the people I’ve met so far is beyond category; they have all been such receptive and eager hosts. We drove back from the Emperor’s Palace through the Ginza district of Tokyo with Dean Martin crooning over the sound system in the car–my host sister’s grandparents are big Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra fans. There’s something quite magical about blending cultures and generations. I’m not sure what other word I might use: “magic” seems–and feels–just right for all I’ve experienced today. The students are reporting the same. They have been wonderful, compassionate, and supportive friends to each other in the early stages of our trip. I guess that’s more of the magic embedded in this incredible experience.

Monday in Tokyo

Today is a National Holiday in Japan: “Coming of Age,” or “Siejin-no-hi”—->Say–eee-geee-no-hi, (and “hi”–heee–means DAY). Thank you to my host sister, Rikako, for helping me with this! The students are off with heir host families touring various parts of the city. My family will be attending a wedding this afternoon, so I will be escorted around the city by my host-sister’s grandparents. It should be an incredible experience with another generation of family members!

My host parents on their way to a wedding today: