Extra! Extra!, Part 1 of 2

On Tuesday, four Porter’s students were interviewed by members of the Kichijo School Newspaper for their spring edition, out in March 2017. The school paper is published five times a year.

Here’s Audrey Wallace on the experience…

“On Tuesday we met with three Kichijo students from the school newspaper.  Our interview began with the questions anyone could have predicted: ‘How do you like it here in Japan?  Was there anything that surprised you?  What are some of the differences between Miss Porter’s and Kichijo?’  These were easily answered. We loved it in Japan, and almost every day had a new surprise and difference in store so there were no shortages of stories and examples to share. 

Saho, Maho, and Nozomi prepared their questions and sat for the interview with a scribe, a recorder, and a full panel of questions.

What I only realized after our interview session was that we never considered all of the similarities of the two schools.  Of course the schools are on opposite sides of the world so the differences will seem overwhelming. I wasn’t lying when I said we had no shortage of stories of things that surprised us in Japan. 

Lots of conversation at Kichijo today! #mpsintermission #missporters #porters #portersinjapan #kichijo

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Here though, Kichijo teaches young women to be successful in their country and in the workforce.  Isn’t that one of the goals of Porter’s? It was evident in our conversation with the Kichijo students interviewing us that they were very intelligent and preparing to go out into the ‘real world’ just as we are.  Our countries are different, and there is no one way to prepare us to go out into them, but it is clear that both of our schools are the same in that they ensure their students will have amazing opportunities to grow and become the person they want to be. All in all our similarities may be why it has been so easy to connect with Kichijo students, teachers, and especially student journalists.”

Come back soon to see the second part in the series!

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