Questions, Part 3 of 3

For one of our last reflections, we composed a list of questions we are still thinking about for our experience. The focus of our course on women in modern Japan combined with our experiences with other young women at three different schools in Japan has left us with more questions than answers.

  • What’s your image of a typical American?
    • What surprised you about your visit to QMS or having visitors from MPS?
    • What would you want to do if you visited MPS?
  • What do you think about the Japanese education system compared to what you know about the US and Canada?
    • What do you love about it?
    • What would you want to change?
  • What do you expect for your life after university?
    • Do you plan to return to work after marriage and/or childbirth?
    • Can you see yourself working at the same level or above men?
  • What do you know about US politics and the new president?
    • How often do you talk about politics in school?
    • How often does the US come up in those conversations?
  • What are the benefits of girls’ schools?
    • If you could create your own school…?
  • What do women need to be successful?
    • What is the definition of a successful woman?
    • Do you have female role models?

Some of our questions have as many answers as there are girls at Kichijo. Others are ones we will continue thinking about during our spring semester, as we move into the next phase of InterMission. We look forward to putting them together with some of our more lighthearted experiences in order to show our community what it was like to spend two weeks in Tokyo.

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