Daily Archives: January 30, 2017

Farewell Party

It seems like so long ago that we were in Tokyo, spending time with the girls at Kichijo! We’ve been back at Farmington for more than a week, but we’re still thinking about our IIM experience in Japan.

This week, look out for more posts reflecting on the adjustment back into life at Miss Porter’s School. For now, some thoughts and pictures from our fond farewell at The Kichijo School.

Our host families, students from homeroom, and the teachers who had worked to make us feel so welcome at Kichijo came together on our last full day at school to throw a party.

We gathered in the conference room for fun, memories, and snacks!

Each seat in the conference room had an agenda and we looked down to find a quiz listed between memories and goodbyes. A quiz!? But we hadn’t studied – we were too busy having fun!

Porter’s and Kichijo pose for one last photo — it’s so hard to say goodbye!

Luckily, it turned out to be a rollicking game of trivia! We shared memories, connected on LINE if we hadn’t already shared contact information, and posed for one last photo. We were so lucky to have Ancient Yasuko Nagase ’96, who attended both Kichijo and Porter’s, join us for our goodbye. Jun Saito, Yuka Kobayashi, all of the teachers at Kichijo, and our amazing host sisters and families – we will never forget you! Our experience in Tokyo was absolutely unforgettable.

Finally, we wanted to leave one lasting memory with the girls at Kichijo. Maybe we’ll see them again soon…