Stateside: Reflections from International InterMission

My host sister and I have been in almost constant communication (as constant as it can be with a 14 hour time difference) ever since I returned to the states. We talk about anything and everything. My life and the differences I now notice because I went abroad and her life and how it has been since I left.

It was very easy to return home to my own family and my own space, but it was very strange to be woken up my first day back and not have slippers at the foot of my bed and to not have two little sisters and my host sister waiting for me. I wouldn’t necessarily say anything was hard in my returning, other than the goodbye to my host sister. We had just began feeling very comfortable around each other and I felt like I was a part of the family, only to be pulled away.

It’s very difficult to describe my experience to other people. When asked, I often find myself without words. I will never be able to fully explain how incredible it was because it wasn’t just some ordinary trip. I wasn’t there to be a tourist. I was there to immerse myself in the culture and become a more global and educated person. It’s hard to explain to those who didn’t experience it, but I will forever remember this trip as one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

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