Stateside: Reflections from International InterMission

It has only been a week away from Japan but it feels like a lifetime.

Without seeing my host family every day, I have begun to miss them very much even though we stay in touch. Before I returned I had thought it would be so easy to return to how things were before I left for Japan. I knew I needed to remember what I learned in Japan so I could take something back with me that was more than just souvenirs. I have actively been journaling like I did in Japan: about how much I miss it, about life now, and about what the future looks like.

Right now what I can see is this: I will continue to say sumimasen accidentally even though no one here speaks Japanese. It has just become a habit now. I will continue to keep in touch with the friends I met in Japan because they are truly amazing and interesting people that I already know I can’t live without.

Finally, I will live everyday remembering Japan and the lessons I learned and the people I met because it was an experience I can never stop being thankful for and one I won’t ever be able to forget.

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