Stateside: Reflections from International InterMission

I have been in touch with my host family since returning back to the states. My mom and I went to a Japanese market and I showed her a few of my favorite things we ate in Japan. My favorite was a mochi ice cream, and we sent my host family a selfie with the ice cream. I also have “faced” my sister and we talked about school and about what we have been doing on the weekends since the visit.

The hardest part about returning to the states is having to go back to school while being on a completely different time zone. Yes, we had a weekend to recover but it took me the weekend to actually realize that I was back in America. LOL! Having school with the time difference was very hard. I really miss the Japanese food and the times I would have with my host family at dinner, now I just have a dining hall meal with my friends.

Going to Japan was an incredible experience. I would not have chosen anywhere else, it was amazing. I am definitely more relaxed than I was prior to the trip. In a way I also believe in myself a little bit more. I have realized my inner strength and now I can tell myself I can do most things that are normally out of my comfort zone because thats what this trip did to me, it pushed me into a new zone.

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