Stateside: Reflections on International InterMission

I’ve talked to my host sister almost every day since we’ve been back in the states. We’ve been exchanging pictures we took during my visit and updating each other on our simple everyday activities. We also had the chance to talk a little bit about the Women’s March and Donald Trump’s presidency. I’ve tried my best to keep up with events happening in Japan and I’ve definitely become much more interested in Japanese history.

Since returning to the states I’ve been sleeping through the night. While in Japan I was often restless during most of the night, so I’ve felt pretty well rested in the past few days. I’ve missed my host’s family so much, though, especially my host mom’s cooking. Around the house, I still try to use some of the Japanese phrases I learned and I’ve tried to incorporate some of the foods I ate in Japan into some of my meals. It’s been tough adjusting back to my normal school schedule. I spent most evenings in Japan watching TV and talking with my host family, so spending the night doing homework is a bit hard in comparison.

Whenever someone asks me about my trip to Japan I usually just answer with: “It was great!” It’s a very vague response but trying to verbalize and explain such an amazing trip to someone is an extremely difficult task.

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