Stateside: Reflections on International InterMission

Since I got back to the United States I have talked to my host sister a little bit. I kept up to date with my host mom especially on Facebook. I have also stayed in contact with some of the girls I met at the school I was going to in Japan. They have been asking me for photos of Porter’s and also just asking me how I am doing and if I have gotten over my Jet lag.

The hardest thing for me when returning to the United States was adjusting back into my sleep schedule and getting back into school mode. Being so tired this past week, I didn’t feel good starting the 2nd semester. If I must be very honest about what I miss, I really do miss the toilets! The heated seats were always a highlight of everyday! I miss the food a lot as well and just Tokyo in general.

A habit that I had developed in Japan and have continued here is that I take off my shoes usually when I walk into my bedroom and I just take off my shoes more often than usual. I also find myself watching food videos on Facebook of Japanese every night. I miss the food so much. I also find myself telling people when they ask me how the Japan trip was, saying that it was amazing and I can’t even describe why. It couldn’t be put into words.

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