Stateside: Reflections on International InterMission

I have unfortunately not been in touch with my host family since we returned. I sent my host sister a message a few days after we got back however I never received a response.  The hardest thing has been the jet lag. Luckily I am over it now but it was killer when we first got back. Definitely much worse coming back than going there. I guess the easiest thing is probably just being able to get back into my normal routine and not having to rely on someone else anytime I wanted to do anything. I definitely miss spending time with my host family, they were incredible. I also really miss the food at the school because it was great.

I have definitely been more conscious of my own gratitude as well as the gratitude of others because of the insane amounts of gratitude that I saw in Japan. I have been trying really hard to show people that I care about that I am thankful to have them in my life and that I appreciate everything that they do for me.

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