Stateside: Reflections in International InterMission

I learned so much about myself while in Japan.

The hardest thing is adjusting back to the time schedule. I’ve been having such a hard time sleeping. I miss all of the really cute girls at Kichijo who were so excited to see and talk to us every day. I also miss just hanging out with all my friends in Tokyo. There was something really special in being together half way across the world. It was sort of like we were all able to live in the moment and bond with one another. I think the fact that we weren’t constantly on our phones the whole time was really special as well. We were able to form really meaningful relationships.

I have been texting one of the host sisters on Facebook about the bio experiment we did there. I also talk about how much I miss Japan and we talk about all the fun activities we did like karaoke and all the food we tried.

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