Daily Archives: February 18, 2017

We miss it…

Substitute Tokyo for Texas and you’ll know how we feel getting back together as a group and thinking about our time in Japan.

We had the first of our two spring IIM classes on Saturday. As we gathered in Hamilton 100 as a group for the first time since before our flight to Tokyo, we couldn’t help but reminisce and think back to our time in Tokyo. We miss our host families, the schools we visited, and just … life in Japan.

We’re putting together our IIM Symposium presentation for later this spring by thinking about how to best communicate the incredible nature of our trip to Tokyo and Karuizawa to classmates, faculty, the Board of Trustees, parents, and other community members. We probably won’t sing Sandy’s tune, but we’ll pour just as much emotion into the experience, that’s for sure.

Here’s Principal Hajime Uzaki with Ms. Doemland and Merch from our afternoon at Joshi Gakuin. We loved our visit to Joshi so much and look forward to our relationship with them in the future!

We’ve been in touch with our hosts in Japan in the month since our return, but nothing is quite like being there in the same place. We look forward to continuing the connections in all different ways, personally and institutionally, moving forward. And maybe getting that sense of home back somehow…