Daily Archives: January 7, 2018

And they FINALLY took off at 5:45am!

The group returned to JFK in good spirits, ¬†looking forward to finally boarding a plane and heading towards Tokyo only to find out that the flight was delayed an additional couple of hours. Kate and Dan said “the girls are AMAZING. Their energy and willingness to roll with each change is impressive.”

They finally took off around 5:45am and are currently en route, due to arrive around 9:45am local time in Tokyo on Monday, January 8th, which is 8:45pm EST today, Sunday, January 7th.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Welcome to InterMission 2018! We’ve had quite the travel day today! After an enthusiastic start and an effortless trip to JFK, we ran into significant delays at JFK which resulted in a schedule change. However: we are safe, warm, in terrific spirits, on a HUGE adventure, and embracing all of it. The students are absolutely wonderful, resilient, terrific, and generous. We’re at a hotel near the airport having dinner and relaxing, and we’ll will return to JFK by midnight for check-in for our 2:40 a.m. flight to Narita. We have two students who were meeting us in Tokyo; we have been in touch with Jun Saito, (our Kichijo counterpart), and our students are in touch with him as well. This is BIG; travel happens, and we could not be more proud of our Porter’s students: bold, brilliant, and brave! More when we arrive in Tokyo!