Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

Ohayou gozaimasu!

Good morning from Tokyo!

Today our students will be continuing their study of Japanese, participating in a PE class, and working together to develop their presentation for this afternoon’s trip to Joshigaikuen, another girls’ school in Tokyo.  There, our students will meet with their Student Council, hear some information about their school, and make a group presentation on a variety of ideas important to Porter’s: Traditions, leadership, residential life, and so forth.  They will then have an opportunity to meet informally in small groups to discuss various topics.

They’ve also been having adventures with host families: visits to hot springs, ascending the Tokyo Skytree, karaoke, visiting shrines and temples, and of course shopping.

Our first day at Kichijo!

We During our first day at Kichijo we spent time with our buddies in homeroom, after which we were greeted warmly by the school principal and enjoyed a tour of the facility. We had a lovely walk in the Kichijo neighborhood before returning for our second reflection and beautiful bento box lunches prepared by our host families. After lunch we spent a double period in Japanese class–nearly two hours–learning useful words and phrases; it was wonderful and muzukashidesu (“difficult”)!

To say we are feeling quite at home here is not an understatement. The Kichijo community, as far as it is from Farmington, shares our Porter’s philosophy: here we are a sisterhood; here we are at home.

Tuesday: First Day at Kichijo School

The Porter’s crew had their first day at the Kichijo school today.  They didn’t attend the normal class schedule.  Instead, they had a tour of the school, met twice as a group to reflect on their experiences so far, and participated in Japanese lessons (which will continue through their time at Kichijo).  In addition, we took a group walk of the area around the school in order to get a feel for the neighborhood…and, of course, buy tasty snacks.

This afternoon, the students are participating in theater, softball and volleyball.  Tomorrow–more Japanese lessons, and an afternoon visit to Joshigakuin.

Day 1 at Kichijo Girls’ School!

After having a good nights sleep and exploring Tokyo with their host families yesterday, our students are engaging in their first day of school at Kichijo Girls’ School today.

Claire Porter introduces herself in “Homeroom.”

The group poses for a picture after checking in with Kate and Dan and participating in their first guided reflection on their time in Tokyo thus far.

Kate Doemland wears her host mother’s kimono while standing next to her host sister.