Daily Archives: January 10, 2018

This Thursday in Tokyo

Good morning! In just a few minutes we’re off on another grand adventure  to Kobe and Kyoto, where we’ll meet Ancient Yasuka Nagase ’96, who is hosting us for the next two days. We’ll be visiting Kobe Women’s College, founded by Ancient Eliza Talcott, celebrating our Worldwide Sit-Down Dinner this evening, and exploring Kyoto tomorrow. It’s hard to describe all we’re taking in–it’s all so wonderful–but we’ll have the students write later today after we’ve had a moment to reflect.

Fun and Games at Kichijo + Trip to Joshi Gaikuen

Today the Porter’s girls had another Japanese lesson and then participated in a PE class, playing field hockey with the students at Kichijo.


We then travelled across Tokyo to the Joshi Gakuen School, where our students shared a presentation about Porter’s.  They then joined the local students in small groups to share pictures and discussion.  Quick friendships developed, and we had a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we will gather early in order to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kobe and Kyoto to meet Yasuko Nagase, a Porter’s Ancient from the class of 1996.


Student Reflections on Wednesday Morning

From Maddy A: Yesterday was our first day of school at Kichijo. The girls here impress me so much. This school seems challenging. The commute for most students is around an hour long. Luckily, I live ten minutes away by bike. My ride to school is wonderful…especially because the sun has been out… Oh! And I rode a high tech electric bicycle!

And this from Julie BG:

The first few days in Tokyo have been amazing. I have made many wonderful memories–whether it’s meeting new people or trying new foods. With flexibility and open-mindedness, I have immersed myself in the Japanese culture and changed my lens on Japan. In addition to this, my perspective as a tourist has transitioned to the perspective of a traveler as a result of the productive schedule I have adjusted to. I could never have imagined having a different host family. My host family has given me a warm welcome, and, in a way, I feel like I am at home. I am looking forward to creating more memories and going on more adventures with my host family, the students and teachers at Kichijo Girls School, and my chaperones and peers.

Such beautiful expressions of the student experience! Thank you Maddy and Julianne!