Daily Archives: January 20, 2018

The group will overnight at the Tokyo Inn and fly out tomorrow (1/21)

Japan Airlines has given the group meal vouchers and is putting them up at the Tokyo Inn for the night, which is near the airport. They are scheduled to depart between 9:00am – 11:00 am local Japan time tomorrow morning. They will land at JFK tomorrow (1/21) between 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm and should be back in Farmington by 11pm – 1:00 am.

Students will not be required to attend IM classes on Monday, but they will need to attend their IM class on Tuesday morning at 8:55am for the last day of the term.

I will update you tomorrow on their flight status and more specific arrival times.

JL Flight #4 cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow

Japan Airlines flight #4 was cancelled this morning due to maintenance issues. The group is currently getting off the plane to go back through customs and to a hotel provided by Japan Airlines.

I will keep you posted once I know the name of the hotel and more details about their departure time tomorrow.

Kate and Dan report that the girls are energized and looking forward to another night in Tokyo!


Sayonara, Kichijo

A beautiful image of Kichijo School just now. Students are in the final cleaning of their homeroom classes, and shortly we’ll walk through the school gates one last time to Nishi-Ogikubo Station. From there, we’re en route to Tokyo Station, Narita Airport, JFK, and Miss Porter’s School. Our adventure comes to close in Japan, but in so many ways it has just begun.

Kichiko School

We’ve had the experience of a lifetime; these words from our students:

Welcoming…memorable…SO THOUGHTFUL…bittersweet…kind…hospitable…warm…considerate…inclusive…remarkable…living…unforgettable…generous…learning experience.

Mata mite ne. 

Until we meet again.




Final day, final class

We are so very close to returning, but first, there’s time for one more class!  The Porter’s students participated in an Ethics class with students from Kichijo, discussing a very appropriate topic…happiness!  They discussed and shared their ideas about family, friends, passions, and of course food.

Sara organizing her thoughts.

Annika decorating

Clare, Gabe and their Kichijo partners collaborating.


We leave Kichijo for the last time in about two hours, with hopes to return one day.