Update from the Land of the Rising Sun

The focus of both student blogs is on the power of a warm welcome, demonstrations of great kindness, and building the bonds of lasting friendship. Kichijo students and their families have included us in every aspect of home and family life. Kichijo School has provided us with rich and extensive opportunities to weave ourselves into the fabric of the community. We are so very grateful for this time in Tokyo: the brilliance of city lights at night, the unusual quiet in one of the most populated cities on earth, the sounds of laughter in homeroom, blooming flowers in window boxes and orange trees bearing fruit… How can we be so lucky?

Domo arigato gozaimasu!
Jackie Beaule:

So obviously I am so grateful to be in Japan it still seems unbelievable everytime I look out the window it amazes me. To have an opportunity to be somewhere so far, beautiful, and unique is truly a blessing. For me I have been out of the country before but this is different. I am not here on vacation, as a tourist, but I am living amongst a family who is Japanese. This makes my stay that much more educational and is truly the best way to learn about a new culture. I am so thankful for the family that has welcomed me into their home, giving me my own room, and making me feel welcome. They cook me homemade meals and always have a bath ready for me, it is so kind and so caring. The same goes for the Kichijo school; all of the girls are so happy and very excited to see us. The kindness and welcome that I have received is unimaginable and I truly hope that these girls understand how much I appreciate them and that I am thankful for them. That goes for everyone in Japan so far people are holding the door for me, they smile, and I hear “sorry” and “hello” each day more than I normally would. This opportunity is truly a once- in-a-lifetime experience, and I know I will grow so much from it. I appreciate it more every minute I’m here!

Helena Lessne:

Today was another beautiful day in Tokyo! We had a full day of classes at Kichijo and spent more time with our host sisters and junior buddies. The girls are all so welcoming and friendly! Some of the classes our students attended are English, ethics, PE, and Japanese language. The Porter’s girls learned some simple greetings and ways to describe themselves, as well as how to write their names with Japanese characters. To finish off their days at school, the students attended sports such as badminton, soccer, and traditional Japanese dance. During the latter, the MPS girls wore beautiful kimonos and practiced a section of a dance about the four seasons. The girls had a wonderful time and enjoyed experiencing this beautiful cultural tradition. Ultimately, all of the Porter’s students had a fantastic second day at Kichijo and eagerly await the third from their respective Japanese homes!

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