Kichijo, Joshikaguin, and Sisterhood

We’ve experienced so much in four short days! From great excitement and anticipation to nervous feelings about almost everything to shared experiences with friends new and old; our days at Kichijo continue to enrich and expand us as global citizens and sisters in the neighborhood of humankind.

From Isa Ramirez:

For me, this trip has been an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the terrifying moment when we left the train station with our host families, to every little moment we have shared with others, ordinary things such as riding the train, walking to school, going up the escalator, attending classes, having family meals, trying traditional food, and meeting new people is unique and distinct because of how different Japanese culture is from what were accustomed to. Today we had Japanese classes at Kichijo during the morning and visited Joshigakuin School in the afternoon. I was impressed by the kindness and respect everyone treats everyone else with and their eagerness to get to know us while showing us their lifestyle. I am sure all of my classmates agree that even though sometimes it is hard and strange to be far away from home living in another family’s home, this is a remarkable experience that will make us value everything we have back home and grant us a broader wold perspective.

Friends together!

Tokyo sunset

From Madyn Singh:

If I could use one word to describe my experience in Japan so far, it would be “amazing.” All the students at Kichijo and Joshigakuin are so friendly, kind, and welcoming. We’ve taken two Japanese language classes at Kichijo so far, in which we’ve learned some common Japanese phrases as well as how to introduce ourselves. One moment that I will always remember is at Joshigakuin earlier today when I introduced myself to a group of girls in Japanese. They all smiled and started clapping, making me feel very special. I’ve traveled abroad many times before with my family and on my own, but this is my first time staying with a host family and attending school in a different country. It is a unique experience unlike anything I expected it to be, but I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it. Since coming here, I’ve challenged myself to be fully present and to immerse myself in every aspect of Japanese culture by eating new foods, meeting locals, and learning a little bit of the language. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for every moment. My host family is the sweetest, and they’ve made me feel so at home. I like to watch movies with my amazing host sister Yui after school, as well as play with her dog. My host mom is the most incredible cook, and I’ve loved every new food that I’ve tried so far. I’m excited to take more classes and meet more students at Kichijo, to explore Tokyo, and to spend more time with my host family!

Spending time with my host sister, Yui, and her dog Kai

Enjoying free time in Nishi-Ogikubo

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