Back to Kichijo

We returned to Kichijo for Thursday and Friday classes, and spent time with host families and buddies. Japanese classes were invigorating, cooking classes mouth-watering, and afternoon activities rigorous and engaging. Our time here has been memorable, spirited, and dynamic. It’s hard to believe we’ll be heading back to Farmington so soon, bidding farewell to lifelong friends and a community we’ve come to call home.

From Jackie Beaule:

Today we went back to school and it was nice to get back into a routine and see our host families. It was good to have a break on both sides; our host families are always “on,” so it’s nice for them to have a break as well. I bought lunch today, ramen in miso soup, and I was really impressed with how delicious it was! After school, I went home with my host sister and we had some seaweed chips for a snack. They were so good! They were seasoned with sesame seeds and poppy seeds, and wow: it was a great snack! We also had a tea ceremony after dinner with their grandmother. The tea is so fresh here and the sweets are amazing; my favorite is the matcha kit-kats, (Kit-o-Kat-o). I could eat so many of them! I cannot believe how fast these two weeks went by but I am also excited to go home and see my family!

Preparing bento boxes


So many cooks in the kitchen!

Composing notes for our Japanese families.

Host family happiness!



Signs of spring at Shinjuku-Goyen.


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