Daily Archives: January 11, 2020

Today in Tokyo! Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tokyo 2020 had a busy and wonderful day exploring Shinjuku, Odaiba, and Harajuku.

After breakfast we walked in the area of our Shinjuku Hotel before we departed for the Mori Digital TeamLab Borderless Museum. It was an overwhelming experience at the intersection of art, design, music, and movement.

Mori Digital Art Museum

Students enjoyed free time on their own in the Odaiba area, after which we returned to the hotel for some much-needed rest. True to the commitment of this international experience, students navigated the subway system to expedite our trip to the hotel in one of the most bustling transportation hubs in Tokyo.

Staying healthy in Tokyo during flu season!

This evening finds us exploring Harajuku, a popular and colorful cultural hotspot on the edge of the Meji Shrine.

We are adjusting well to the time difference and immersing ourselves in this incredible cultural experience. Tomorrow morning we’ll meet our host sisters and families to being our exchange program with Kichijo friends. It’s hard to describe the breadth of this experience already; 24 hours ago we were sleepless with excitement, and this evening we are feeling comfortable learning from one another, sharing and supporting group goals and expectations, and building relationships with each other and our host country.

Day 1: A good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast!

Kate and Elena reported that everyone slept well and that the group was extremely excited about the breakfast spread at the hotel in Shinjuku! So much so that they sent a few pictures to share with you.

The group is off to explore Tokyo for the day, including visiting the amazing Mori Digital Art Museum. Tomorrow (8pm EST and Sunday at 10am their time) they will meet their host families at the hotel mid-morning and head home with them.