And our travelers are off with their host families!

After a good night’s sleep and eating a delicious breakfast, our students spent some time with Kate and Elena discussing the next two days and reflecting on their day yesterday before being picked up by their host families at the hotel. Elena reported that everyone was nervous yet excited to embark on this next phase of their trip!

Waiting for their host families to arrive with Kat Hashiguchi, Director of International Relations at Kichijo Girls School, in the front row far left.
Blythe and her host family at the hotel before departing for their home.
Amanda with her host father and sister at the hotel before departing for their home .

Kate reported that once they met their families, our students felt ready to go! All of the Kichijo families have welcomed our students into their homes and they are heading off to explore their favorite areas of Tokyo today (Sunday in Japan).

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