Sunday spent exploring Tokyo and settling into homestays

With great anticipation and certainly a bit of anxiety, Porter’s students met their host sisters and families to begin their cultural immersion experience. Breakfast conversation was filled with excitement and enthusiasm, mild trepidation, and a willing spirit. To become “informed, bold, resourceful and ethical global citizens,” we must choose to grow and embrace the challenges required to “shape a changing world.” Let’s see how we’re living our Intermission experience from the students’ perspective:

Bonnie and her host sister are already finding friendship.
Louise and Aimee enjoying their host sister and the Tokyo experience!
Miki preparing for a visit to the temple with her host family.
Maya and her host family exploring shrines, temples, and a hedgehog cafe in and around Tokyo!
Maya, her host sister and host mother at a Hedgehog Cafe.
Lydia, her host sister, and new friends enjoying snacks and cards Sunday afternoon. 
Blythe’s host family took her to a cafe with baby pigs to pet!

Tomorrow, Monday, is a national holiday called Coming of Age Day, which is when those who turned 21 years old in the last year are celebrated as they are enter adulthood in family-led ceremonies. Kichijo Girls School is closed so our students will have another day to explore Tokyo with their new friends and host families before starting school on Tuesday.

We will post more pictures of the rest of the group tomorrow!

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