Daily Archives: January 13, 2020

National Coming of Age Day; Porter’s in Tokyo

Alizeh and her host sister experience a moment of shared experience in Japanese culture. Below are images of Amanda, Lydia, and Marjorie in their elegant kimonos.

“Seijin-no-hi” (Coming of Age Day) occurs annually on the second Monday of January to mark and honor the transition from childhood to adulthood. At 20 years of age, young people throughout the country engage in ceremonies that celebrate their new role and responsibilities as adults. Women wear traditional, elegant, kimonos; men, too, wear kimonos (far less ornamental) or a suit and tie. The day is filled with visits to local shrines for prayers, blessings, and well-wishes for health, happiness, success, and longevity. Families host special (sometimes elaborate) dinners to mark this important rite of passage. 

Amanda, Lydia, and Mojo at an owl cafe!

Here’s a glimpse of what our students experienced today. Many were invited by their host families to participate in this tradition and ceremony.

Lydia, Amanda, and Mojo with host sisters wearing colorful and elegant kimonos.
Lydia, Amanda, and hosts sisters with some wonderful-looking snacks!

Blythe and her host sister dressed in traditional clothing.
Beautiful Asakusa Temple, an icon for the Coming of Age ceremony.

Other students experienced a variety of activities throughout this expansive city:

Bonnie and her host sister at Tokyo Stadium!
Potential Alma Mater? (Tokyo University)
Georgina and the Tokyo 2020 Tennis Team !
Georgina and her host sister in the Tokyo twilight.
Who doesn’t love some Disney? Thank you, Miki!
Seo’s omikuji predicts a successful 2020. Best intentions for the New year!
Samar spent the day with her host family at Asakusa Temple.

After a busy weekend with host students and families, we look forward to reconnecting at The Kichijo School tomorrow for our first day of classes. We are eager to share our adventures with one another and begin the next phase of our InterMission immersion together!