Daily Archives: January 15, 2020

Kichijo daisuki! (“I like Kichijo!”)

It was another full day at Kichijo, with our second of Japanese instruction, cooking and music classes, ikebana, animation recording, Japanese archery, and dance. It seems we’ve found a rhythm and pace that suits our time in Japan, which last week felt as if it would stretch in front of us forever, and this week feels all too brief. Today’s experiental adventures afforded students an opportunity to learn and play, play and learn.

Maya making dumplings.
Aimee hard at work folding the dough.
Bonnie rolling the dough.
Mouth-watering deliciousness!
Alice’s restaurant?
And mango pudding for dessert. Yes, please!
In case anyone wants the recipe.
Amanda and Samar in music class, singing a soprano part of “Hail, Holy Queen” from “Sister Act.”
Blythe, Miki, and Lydia lifting their voices.

Earlier this morning, students paired with their Porter’s buddies to share a snippet of their experience so far:

Bonnie and Blythe: Our host families are very sweet and have taken us to so many amazing places including Asakusa and Tokyo University!
Miki and Alice: We are having fun at Kichijo, making new friends and eating amazing food! We’re excited for what’s to come!
Samar and Aimee: Aimeee has gone to a fish market, a Japanese garden, Asakusa Palace, and Disney Sea with her host sister. Samar loves her experience with her host family. They’ve taken her to Tokyo SkyTree and Senso-ji Temple. t home, her host mom teaches her how to cook!
Georgina and Maya: We’re having a great time exploring Tokyo with our host families!
Louisa and Alice: “Us when we eat Japanese food!”
Amanda and Lydia: We went to Asakusa with their host families, dressed in Kimonos, explored the shrines, and ate amazing food. We are enjoying new experiences in a very different culture.
Alize and Mojo: We’ve been having an amazing time in Japan so far! We’ve been to several areas of interest in Tokyo, visited multiple animal cafes, and tried lots of new foods. We’re looking forward to spending more time at Kichijo and we’re excited for our excursion to Hakone!