Daily Archives: January 16, 2020

So much to do!

Through the gates of knowledge at Kichijo School.

Busy academic days, robust afternoon activities, time spent with host families in dinner preparation, and travel throughout Tokyo… We’ve embraced each part of our very full days! Today we enjoyed another day of Japanese instruction, took a yoga and fitness class hosted by six seniors from Kichijo. These six seniors also served as our mentors during calligraphy, where Porter’s learned how to write their names artfully painted in the katakana syllabary. Yesterday’s afternoon activities concluded with ikebana, traditional flower arrangement, Japanese archery, animation recording, and soccer. We’re feeling comfortable making our way around school, building new and lasting friendships with host sisters, buddies, and families.

Alice, Samar, and Alizeh in Japanese archery!
Samar, Alice, and Alizeh prepare for the challenge!
Louise creating ikebana.
Blythe with the master.
Lydia and Aimee working the angles of shin, soe, and hikae.
Mojo on the soccer field.
Calligraphy class.
Intense focus in a delicate process.
Working it!

At the close of another school day, off we go to homeroom for final clean-up and another evening with our global families!