Daily Archives: January 17, 2020

Porter’s + Joshigaikuin

Our day began with the usual gathering in our Porter’s classroom at Kichijo, then homeroom with host students. Today was our last day of Japanese classes, and students were applying their newly-acquired language skills throughout Kichijo classrooms, in local shops and markets, and with host families and friends. Later this morning we visited another all-girls school in Tokyo, Joshigaikuin, with whom we have developed a close relationship over the course of our InterMission years.

Joshigaikuin is a faith-based school, similar in many ways to Kichijo, yet the differences are apparent immediately: to start, the students at Joshi do not wear uniforms and dress expressively! (Sound familiar?) Joshi students prepared an interactive classroom experience for us, after which both groups of students presented a power point about their respective school communities. Porter’s created a wonderful presentation and spoke about Traditions, athletic teams, the arts, and living in the dorms; additionally, they were filled with pride to share their Farmington home with their new friends at Joshigaikuin.

Porter’s engaged in conversation with all levels of English-speaking students at Joshigaikuin, and made fast and lasting friends with whom they’ll connect, follow, and tag on social media. And who knows–maybe we’ll even see them again in person!

Bonnie-san and classmates.
Alizeh’s on it!
Mojo in motion.
Aimee in action!
Blythe and her cohort.
Elena in her element: around the table with students!
Maya–all smiles at Joshigaikuin!
Seo alternating fluidly and fluently between English and Japanese.
Lydia’s lessons…
Samar gathering discussion points!
Porter’s + Joshigaikuin!
In the Joshi auditorium.
Porter’s in the world: bold, resourceful, ethical global citizens right here!

But we’re not all work here in Tokyo:

Alice and her host sister….
Alice and her… friendly frogs? And has anyone ever seen Alice without a smile? Documented here.
Georgina and her Glam Girls.
Post photo-booth photo?
Alizeh, Lydia, and Amanda under the city lights.

More and more to come as this grand adventure moves from Kichijo to Hakone over the weekend. The blog never sleeps, so stay updated on our experience as we add to it each day: “Oh, must we dream our dreams / and have them, too?” (Elizabeth Bishop, “Questions of Travel.”) Yes. Yes we must.