Daily Archives: January 18, 2020

Learning by Doing!

Blythe, Miki, and Samar at the helm of the English classroom!

Today, Porter’s students taught English language lessons in Kichijo classrooms. The presentations were intended to be engaging and interactive, and Kichijo students were treated to rounds of charades, step-in / step-out, hangman, fruit salad, school comparisons, and “the north wind blows,” as conversation between school groups grew into peals of laughter that rang and echoed throughout the building. Once again, Porter’s students-as-teachers found their way to a student-centered experience that created a welcoming environment to support long-term learning.

See, Bonnie, and Maya engage Kichijo students in language-learning by playing charades!
Alice, Georgina, and Aimee beginning their interactive lesson.

After lunch, Ancient Yasuko Nagase ’96, facilitated the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) curriculum for Porter’s and Kichijo students. About 50 students gathered in the Kichijo Conference Room to play the SDG card game, an exercise that requires students to find creative, collaborative solutions to global concerns such as climate change, poverty and food insecurity, carbon emission and fossil fuel reduction, clean water initiatives, and gender equity.

Beginning the Sustainable Development Goals exercise in the Kichijo Conference Room.
Miki and her buddy at the conclusion of the event!
Later that same day…Mojo enjoys pancakes with her host sister!
Miki goes kawaii with her new friends….
And the friend groups continue to build.
Aimee and her buddy: Peace, Love, and Kichijo!
Aimee and her buddy, Mai, walking into the Kichojoji evening.
This compelling story connects the past and the present, anticipates the future, and draws a global community into a well-formed neighborhood of humankind: Blythe with her grandparent’s friends who came to meet us at Kichijo today.
FIFTY YEARS ago, this couple befriended Blythe’s grandparents at an “airbase alliance veteran’s community organization” in Japan. The men shared experience in security and combat initiatives, and the women had children of similar age. The couples and families became close friends, learning each other’s language, customs, and traditions, raising families together and apart. Every year for the last FIFTY YEARS these families have exchanged New Year’s greetings and have kept their long and loving global friendship alive. These folks were so very touched to meet Blythe and absolutely delighted by their brief encounter with the next generation born of a friendship forged so many years ago. Bravo! Cheers to friendships deep and wide!