Daily Archives: January 5, 2018

Final Prep!

After yesterday’s #bombcyclone, we are finally back together! Now’s the time to put the finishing touches on our preparations. Our first session today was filled with some review of the logistics of our trip, but we also took time to think about what kinds of information we want to pay attention to while walking around the streets of Jerez.

Yeda and Meg are brainstorming ideas for raw materials – what do we want to bring back?

The students received a new journal back at Camp Starfish in August. There, they’ve written the group mission statement (see last post), vocabulary and key phrases they’ll need, a letter to self to read at the end of the trip, and more.

Carolyn and Bella are working together on their project and collaboration starts at home!

The key question for today: how do we get the most out of this experience? The Spain group is lucky to already know all of the host sisters quite well since they’ve been here! With that level of comfort, comes an increased sense of familiarity in country. But, we don’t want to be complacent! Eyes and ears and emotions all have to be attuned to the experience.

It’s a busy last day in the US!

Once our final, final preparations are in place, we’ll be ready for tomorrow! Look out for a wheels up post from the airport before we depart.