Daily Archives: January 7, 2018

Encantada de conocerte!

As we talked in the airport about what we were most looking forward to for the trip, the students also wanted to review some key phrases one last time, just to be sure! The language immersion is an important aspect of the trip, with lots of goals set over the last few months for improved fluency, more vocabulary, and conversations with multiple family members.

One of the big questions was “How do you say ‘it’s nice to see you’ or ‘it’s nice to meet you?'”

There were lots of hugs and smiles to go around when we exited arrivals at XRY.

Turns out, they wouldn’t need it. The smiles, hugs, and besos all around were better than words! The girls had a chance to reconnect with their host sisters who visited Farmington in September and meet their families for the first time.

There was a big hug, some happy giggles, and English and Spanish back and forth for Jess S. and her host sister.

What a reunion it was! The energy in the room made our months of planning, texting, emailing, and reading all worth it.

Lots of texts and emails have preceded this moment of Grace B. meeting her host mom.

The host families planned an exciting couple days, introducing Porter’s girls to Jerez and neighboring towns on Sunday and Monday, while the winter holidays come to a close. We’ll be back at school together on Tuesday, but for now…

Group shot! The Laude and MPS girls have now each traveled the Atlantic to be with one another.

…it was all said with a smile!