Daily Archives: January 8, 2018

The First Day

Each day, 2-3 students will share an aspect of their time in Jerez with you. This morning, we’ll hear from Jess S about her first day in Spain.

Buenos días! Yesterday was a crazy day.

After my host family picked me up at the airport, we drove to the house to pick up my host student’s sister, who is home on break from the university in Madrid. Then my host family took me out to lunch, which was an amazing experience. We went to a tiny restaurant walking distance from the house, and after looking at the menu and not understanding a thing, I told my host mom that I like to eat all foods and I love trying new foods, so I would eat anything that the family ordered! They ordered tapas so I could try a variety of different options. We all shared one dish at a time, including calamari, which I tried for the first time (I love it). It was great to just sit and talk with my host family, too. We talked in almost all Spanish, and I was able to keep up both speaking and listening. My host father speaks English and he asked me lots of questions about Los Estados Unidos.

Jess S. and her host sister pose for a photo on Sunday.

When we finished eating, we went for a walk in Puerto Real, the town I’m staying in. There is a boardwalk called Paseo Marítimo, which outlines the coast up and down the town. Lots of families were outside as well, even though the weather here is considered cold. There were a lot of little kids outside, too, playing with new toys from Three Kings Day, which was on Saturday.

After visiting los abuelos (the grandparents), we finally went home. I unpacked and gave my host family the presents I brought them. My entire host family had changed into their pajamas for dinner, so I did the same. My host mom made an assortment of fried fish, and also served some cheese. We ate in front of the TV because the Real Madrid soccer game was on and my host family are huge fans! After dinner my host mom said that I was more than welcome to go to bed, because she knew that I hadn’t slept in 36 hours and I was tired.

Jerez, Puerto Real, and other neighboring towns brought us a welcome respite from below freezing temperatures in Farmington!

For Monday, we’re super lucky that our host students do not have school, so we get a day to sleep and rest and be with our host families before going to Laude tomorrow. My host student has arranged for us to go to Cadiz, an island city off the coast, today with a lot of other host students.