A Day in Seville & Cadiz

Each day, 2-3 students will share an aspect of their time in Spain with you. Here’s Jess S. and Julia T. on the day in Cadiz.

Yesterday, one of the first things I got to do after the ride from the airport was meet my host brother, Antonio, who is in college. We shared besos upon greeting each other, something I’m still getting used to! We drove Antonio to the train station and ate at McDonald’s before he left for college, that was a very American thing to do!

Julia T and Sarah Z pose for a photo near the beach.

After we dropped Antonio off we went for a long walk around the city of Seville and my host family showed me all of the awesome historical venues in the city. I got to see beautiful statues and monuments that completely blew my mind away. The colors of the buildings are amazing and every building is unique in its own way, which I love.

A view of Cadiz from the walk along the beach. The colorful buildings were so beautiful!

On the walk we ate chestnuts, and I got to try those for the first time! Later, dinner at home was a very different combination of food from what I’m used to, but also very tasty. Carmen and I then got ready for bed and watched an episode of a show on Netflix, and shared some funny stories of our past, which was a great way to bond with each other.

Julia T and her host sister, Carmen, pose for a photo.

Julia and I, along with lots of our friends and host students, spent the day in the island city of Cadiz. We visited the cathedral, took a walk along the coast line, and ate lunch together. We climbed up one of the bell towers at the Cathedral and gained a 360° view of Cadiz. The city is nothing like an American city! By looking at the structures of the buildings it was clear to see how the history and architecture of the city have influenced the lives of the people who live in it.

The beautiful light as the sun set in Seville marked the halfway point of our day away from Jerez.

After climbing back down we all went out to lunch together. What is very distinguished about the food here in Spain is that everything is fresh. The sodas are made with real sugar instead of corn syrup and the bread is always warm. In my host family’s kitchen there is a pig’s leg, of which my host mom slices ham off of every day! All of the fresh food tastes much better than in America.

Yum, yum! Want a fanta?

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