Daily Archives: January 11, 2018

Chocolate con Churros

Chef Miguel, the head of the kitchen at Laude El Altillo, gave us a special treat this afternoon – a cooking class!

Grace B shared, “To finish up the school day we made churros! The chef explained the ingredients and procedures before we went into the kitchen. He also gave us an overview of some other common Spanish foods like tortillas españolas and croquetas, Elena’s favorite. First, we made dough and hot chocolate. Then, we learned how to fry the churros and got to eat! We had cups of hot chocolate and we had plates with sugar to dip the churros into. The chef told us the recipe again at the end so we can make them again.”


New Friends!

This morning, we headed up the street to SAR-Quavitae Monte Alto, a senior center. There, the students worked with the residents on a variety of activities and engaged them in conversation.

Sarah Z and Bella A helped pick out the best colors with their residents, making sure the final image was just right.

Avery M and Morgan M managed to win a few rounds of dominos against these fierce competitors!

Bella A shared, “Although I couldn’t understand everything she was saying, she had interesting stories and was very talkative and kind.”

Dominos was a popular game this morning! After learning to play, Carolyn N and Caroline M only cheated a few times, on accident!

Julia T is joined by two residents while working on some artwork from the movie Brave.

Sarah Z wrote, “It was an amazing experience because they only spoke Spanish so it challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and use the Spanish that I knew to better connect with them.”

Yeda M went through a lot of coloring sheets with Julia and another resident.

For some, the goal was a little conversation and engagement with new people. For others, it was an opportunity to get a change of scenery and make something. Some of the residents simply flexed their skills and showed the students a thing or two!

Caroline M and Grace B sharpened quite a few crayons to help create vivid and precise drawings.

Meg C and Jess S laughed a lot at this table, as they were regaled with a story about the first American president to say Merry Christmas from a rocket! Bet you can’t guess who that was!

It seemed like the residents really enjoyed having some young visitors! They were sweet, funny, a little cunning at dominos, and made us all laugh.

After a fun-filled morning, some of the residents and a staff member at SAR-Quavitae joined us on El Patio de Naranjos for a goodbye photo!

A Day in Seville, Part 2

Each day, 2-3 students will share an aspect of their time in Spain. Here, Yeda M fills in more details about her Wednesday, including the trip to Seville.

In the morning, prior to our trip to Seville, María, my host student, and I ate a typical Spanish breakfast of warm milk, orange, and delicious toast topped with smashed tomatoes, jamón (Spanish ham), and olive oil. It was indeed very delicious!

Yeda M shared a photo of her breakfast – well balanced and yummy!

While we walked along the streets and looked around at the beautiful surroundings, everyone, including me, was chatting and laughing loudly with our Spanish friends. We talked about how Sevilla reflects different periods of Spanish culture and heritage through to the present.

Yeda M, dressed in a serendipitously ruffled style for our visit to Seville, with her host sister, Maria, before entering the Cathedral. The Plaza del Triunfo appears in the background.

María and I have gotten super close, as we always chat at home with her parents in Spanish. It was nice to see that adding in more people didn’t change our dynamic because our conversation with Flavia and Jess S was truly meaningful and genuine!

A selfie in Seville! Yeda M, Jess S, and Flavia smile for the close up.

The main part of the excursion was the visit to the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla, which was absolutely fascinating and indescribably beautiful. For me, today’s visit was a learning opportunity as well as an opportunity for building unforgettable memories with my Spanish friends. ​