Each day, 2-3 students will share some aspect of their time in Spain. Here, Caroline Ma talks about her Friday evening.

My host parents picked me, Marina, and her sister, Lupi, up after school. We drove to Cádiz, where we picked up some delicious pastries at a quaint bakery. At Lupi’s suggestion, I decided to try her favorite, a palmera chocolate paired with a café con leche.

From 6pm to 9:30pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, Marina and Lupi take lessons at La Casa de las Artes, the music conservatory in Cádiz. During that time, I usually explore the local area with my host parents.

The ancient remains of La Villa Romana, with modern architectural structures in the background, was just one of the many sites of Cadiz. The site contains the remnants of a Roman rain water collection area.

As we walked through smaller streets into the center of Cádiz, my host father pointed out many of the city’s main landmarks. Although Cádiz is rich with with Spanish culture and history, there are many places where ancient Roman influence is evident.

A portion of Las Puertas de la Tierra bathed in lights. This was once the main entrance to the city of Cadiz.

Today, we decided to take a walk along the beach. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the last moments of the sunset over the water. The vivid colors and perfect temperature made it a completely breathtaking moment.

There’s just something about sunset on the beach, ¿no?

At the end of the day, it was amazing to see present day Spain juxtaposed with old historical influences. I’m so thankful for this time with my host family.

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