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Padel, or paddle, was our afternoon activity on Friday! From Paco, a professional player who also coaches part-time at Laude, students learned the fundamentals including serving and scoring. They then played each other in doubles!

A Day in Jerez

Our walking tour of the city center of Jerez was filled with lots of descriptions of history and historical buildings, as well as sunshine! Carolyn N shared this picture from one of the many plazas in the city.

On Friday morning, we were joined by Concha, an English and CAS teacher from Laude, on a tour of the city. She helped us understand more about the layers of history that shape the city, including former Muslim rule. Since students spent the first part of Friday learning more about Granada for our trip on Monday and Tuesday, it was a serendipitous overlap in history!

The fish market, or pescaderia, in Jerez was alive and well on Friday morning! Vendors sold a variety of seafood items, totally fresh from the ocean! Photo cred: Carolyn N.

One of the first stops was the fish market. As you’ve probably noticed from previous posts, we are right near the ocean! The seafood available in the market was as fresh as could be with all different varieties, from ones in shells to ones with fins.

The still living creatures at the fish market were a highlight for some and shock for others.

We continued on through the outdoor market areas to a few different churches/former mosques and areas where we could see flamenco on a weekend night. Though a lot of places are still closed from the New Year/Three Kings holiday season, it was cool to get a sense of the cultural sites in the city.

Here, we posed for a picture near a now defunct church, which was once a mosque in the Moorish period.